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Laos Public Officials at APU as part of the JICA Training Program

Dec 22, 2008

From Monday, December 8, 2008, until Friday 19, two Local Body Officials and two staff members of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry took part in training at APU over about two weeks as part of the JICA sponsored ''One Village One Product Project in Savannakhet Province and Saravanne Province Seminar''.
The group attended lectures on-campus and visited 4 cities within Oita Prefecture, Hita-Shi Oyama-Machi, Kokonoe-Machi, Bungo Takada-Shi, Hiji-Machi in preparation for a trial run of the One Village One Product Movement activities funded through Japanese Government aid that will take place in Laos in the 2 provinces. They studied the potential development of Lao industry using the different municipalities' and private organizations' One Village One Product initiatives as a reference.

In a lecture held on Friday 12 they discussed measures and policies for putting into practice One Village, One Product Movement activities based on their observations and talks held the previous day when they visited Hita-Shi Ohyama-Machi.

Member of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Mr. POMMOUNIVONG Sommay spoke of his aspirations for the training sessions, ''I want to learn the know-how needed to make a success of the One Village One Product movement from the initiatives of Oita Prefecture -the birthplace of the movement -and be instrumental in the industrial development of my home country.''

APU has been accepting trainees from countries around the world as part of the JICA sponsored ODA Technical Cooperation Project. In 2008 APU has already held lectures and visits for trainees from the African and ASEAN regions, Chile, East Timor and the Philippines within Oita Prefecture –the birthplace of the One Village One Product Movement. This is the first chance that APU has had to welcome trainees from Laos.

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