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APU Student Wins Grand Prize at the 8th University Venture Business Plan Contest

Dec 24, 2008

On Wednesday, December 17, KAWAKAMI Tomoki (APM2, Japan) appeared at the "8th University Venture Business Plan Contest" held at the Fukuoka City Hall, Fukuoka Prefecture, made the final round and won the Grand Prize under the theme of "Strategic Support for the Reception of Chinese Tourists". Apart from APU, 7 plans from 6 universities such as Fukuoka University and Kyushu Sangyo University were presented and Mr. KAWAKAMI gave his business proposal entitled "the provision of Chinese language web-sites, pamphlets and handbills for small/medium sized inns and shops."

Looking back on the contest, Mr. KAWAKAMI said, "I planed this project always keeping in mind the possibility of it being realized. I want to make use of this experience in my future lectures and circle activities." The business plan's development is currently being considered by the research circle 'Smis' which Mr. KAWAKAMI is a member of.

This contest is sponsored by the "University Venture Business Plan Contest Executive Committee" which is made up of 6 organizations such as the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Kyushu New Business Conference and plans to uncover and educate the seeds lying dormant in Kyushu area universities. 7 business plans out of the original 49 plans from 11 Kyushu universities made it through the 1st and 2nd screenings to make it to the final round.

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