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Hiji Town Donates 150kgs of Harvested Rice to APU


Jan 27, 2009

On Wednesday, January 21, 2009, the Hiji Town Harvested Rice Donation Ceremony took place at the APU Cafeteria. APU's Friendship Agreement Partner Hiji Town (Hayami County, Oita Prefecture) donated 150kg of Hinohikari-brand rice which was harvested from their "Exchange Paddy", a paddy field used by Hiji Town for the purpose of exchange between Hiji Town and APU.

Hiji mayor, KUDO Yoshimi said "It is such a pleasure to have periodical exchange events with APU students and I want to say thanks to the local people who cooperated in making the Exchange Paddy and who participated in exchange events with the students." In response, APU President Monte CASSIM said, "Everyday about 600kgs of rice is used here at the cafeteria which attracts up to 6000 students and staff. This means that the 150kgs donated by Hiji Town makes up a quarter of all the rice eaten today. I wish to express my deepest thanks to Hiji town. I want to continue to support and promote various kinds of regional exchange events so please participate and have fun."

Representing the students who participated in exchange events with Hiji Town, RAHMAN Md.Ziaur (APS2, Bangladesh) said "I have participated twice in exchange events with Hiji Town such as rice planting and harvesting. I enjoyed working with the local people and had such a wonderful time."

The rice was used not only for bowls of rice, but also for curry and other dishes which were offered at special prices. The students enjoyed their delicious meals.

This ceremony was attended by Hiji Town mayor KUDO, rice producers, Hiji Town citizens who participated in the exchange events with APU students, President CASSIM, officials and students involved in the rice planting and harvesting.

A relationship of cooperation between Hiji Town and APU was formalized on February 22, 2007, with the signing of a Friendship and Exchange Agreement at APU. The partners have since organized numerous exchange events such as taking part in rice planting and harvesting in Hiji Town.

Reporter:PARK Songyi(APM2,Korea)

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