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The Inauguration of the University Oita Consortium

Oct 12, 2004

The opening ceremony for the University Oita Consortium (NPO), which was established to provide support to international students and to further interaction in the local community, was held on October 12 at Oita International House. In attendance at the opening ceremony were approximately 200 guests, which included the Governor of Oita Prefecture, Mr. HIROSE; the Mayor of Beppu City, Mr. HAMADA; the Deputy Chairman of the Oita Prefecture legislature, Mr. ABE; the Manager of the Higher Education Bureau for the Department of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Mr. KURIYAMA; the Chairman of the Oita Prefecture Chamber of Commerce Joint Association, Mr. ANDO; in addition to the Presidents of public and private universities and vocational colleges in Oita Prefecture. The President of APU, Mr. Monte Cassim and APU student representatives were also in attendance.

The University Oita Consortium (NPO) is an amalgamation of vocational colleges, private and public universities in Oita Prefecture, in association with the Oita Prefecture Government and the business community. It aims to support international students in Oita Prefecture by providing guarantors for accommodation; part-time employment; healthcare counseling; in addition to other forms of livelihood support, and the creation of an international student personnel information bank. With these pillars of support, the University Oita Consortium (NPO) will assist international students in their local community activities and other related endeavors

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