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The 2nd Presentation Competition by IWATA Secondary School APU Course Students


Jan 30, 2009

On Wednesday, January 21, 2009, the 2nd Presentation Competition by IWATA Secondary School students was held at APU. As a part of the APU Ritsumeikan course, students gave presentation to an audience of APU faculty staff, students, and their family. One of the student secretariat leaders HIROSE Katsuki spoke in the opening that "different to 1st presentation competition, this time we students worked using our initiative taking full advantage of the help provided by our teachers and Teaching Assistants (TA)."

The themes of the presentations were, "Hunger Problems in the World". Four groups of students gave very interesting presentations and at the end of their presentation cleverly answered the crowd's questions. The 4 topics presented were 'Schools that don't Teach Hunger', 'Cows eating up people's food: about the problem of feed grains', 'the hunger of Democratic Republic of the Congo' and 'The truth of hunger (Japan Rescuer).' The First Prize went to the group which presented 'Japan Rescuer'. They talked about the low self-sufficiency rate of food in Japan using power point slides and a roll play. At the end of the presentation, they suggested that by eating just one more spoon of rice at every meal Japan's self sufficiency rate could be improved by 1%.

APU Associate Professor, IGUCHI Yufu, the teacher in charge of the course, presented awards to the students and praised them by saying, "Watching the students preparing for this presentation contest, I could feel just how much they had developed during the year. I was impressed by their clear analysis and solutions." To conclude the presentation she said to the students "Thank you very much for your hard work and your presentations"

APU Ritsumeikan Course first began in IWATA Secondary School in April, 2008 as a part of the High School / University Cooperation Agreement forged between APU, Ritsumeikan University and Iwata Secondary School (May, 2007). Every Wednesday, APU teaching staff have been going to IWATA Secondary School to hold classes for 20 1st year students. From Spring AY2009, the APU Ritsumeikan Course will welcome new 1st year students who with working together with 2nd year students will enrich the educational course.

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Reporter: LEE eunhyu (APS, Korea)

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