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The AY2008 Daikin Industries, Ltd. Scholarship Conferral Ceremony


Jan 30, 2009

On Wednesday, January 22, 2009, the Daikin Industries, Ltd. Scholarship Conferral Ceremony was held at APU. This scholarship was established in AY2008 aiming to nurture people who can make a contribution to regional advancement or societal development in the Asia Pacific Region in the future.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. Executive Officer Shinya OKADA and Senior Manager/Leader, Recruitment and Training Group, Human Resources Div. Tomohiko YAMADA were present at the conferral ceremony along with the 5 international student recipients of AY2008 scholarships.
Dean of Student Affairs, YOKOYAMA Kenji represented APU as he expressed his thanks. Following this, Mr. OKADA gave a few words of encouragement, "While we develop our business globally, we thought of how we could return something to society other than through goods and services. Because at APU there are many students cultivating their minds through hard work, we want you to make what you learn here a starting point and become human resources that can make a contribution to the world and society as a whole." He then handed over to each of the students a list of scholarships.

Scholarship recipient LEE Ji Young (APM2, Korea) expressed her thanks, "I am very happy to receive this scholarship. This will encourage me to study and in the future I hope to be involved in the management of a multi-national industry in which I can get along with different cultures and habits." The time following this provided a chance for a lively exchange of proposals and opinions such as, "what is the secret to the strength of Japanese manufacturing?" and "There are illustrations on Korean air conditioners and household appliances have taken on an artistic style. How would it be if they were also produced in Japan?"

In addition to this scholarship system, Daikin Industries, Ltd. is involved in the nurturing of human resources who can be active on the global stage as an affiliated industry of the "Global Business Leaders Development Program", the first support program for exchange students in Japan.

Please click here for more details on the Global Business Leaders Development Program

List of AY2008 Daikin Industries, Ltd. Scholarship Recipients:
HAJ MOHAMAD Mohammad (APS3, Syria)
HIMAS Mohamed Hilluru Mohamed (APM2, Sri Lanka)
LEE Ji Young (APM2, Korea)
PARK Sung Min (APM2, Korea)
YOO Chul Sung (APM3, Korea)

Reporter: SASANO Sakura (APM2, Japan)

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