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Review for advancement of on-site style Active Learning held


Feb 18, 2009

On Monday, February 16, 2009, a review was held aiming for the further advancement of the "Active Learning Program"- a term used to describe the APU on-site style learning programs such as exchange programs and internships. There was an exchange of opinions on the subject from APU faculty staff and faculty members from other universities who have an interest in the initiatives of APU who all shared their achievements.

During the review there was an exchange of opinions and discussion period following a presentation from APS Professor KONDO Yuichi and staff from affiliated departments promoting this program of various initiatives including pre-university education and first-year education. Among the approximately 50 participants who listened in keenly were faculty staff from Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya and Yamaguchi universities such as Joseph HICKS, Director of the J. F. Oberlin University Center for International Studies and Associate Professor Miki HORIE of the Nagoya University Education Center for International Students.

APU has designed this program which emphasizes both domestic and international practical learning and experience and is developing it as the "Active Learning Program". It includes overseas exchange and language study programs, domestic and international internships and field studies, research projects involving field analysis with faculty members and volunteer activities. This year 500 international and domestic students have taken advantage of this opportunity and participated in the program.

APU will continue its involvement in the various types of Active Learning which utilize its uniqueness as an international university and seek out new educational possibilities.

Please click here for more details on APU's involvement in Active Learning

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