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JI Young Ho wins Bronze at the All-Japan Tae Kwon-do Tournament!


Feb 23, 2009

On Sunday, February 8, 2009, JI Young Ho (APM4, Korea) put in a great performance and won the bronze medal in the General Featherweight (men's) Division at the 2nd All-Japan Tae Kwon-do Tournament held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground.

As expected, Mr. JI advanced well in the tournament and faced off against ex-Japanese representative Kiyoteru HIGUCHI who represented Japan at the Sydney Olympics. Unfortunately he has narrowly defeated 5:3 and placed 3rd.

The All-Japan Tae Kwon-do Tournament is an opportunity for athletes to go all out and demonstrate their "skills" and "heart" and is the pinnacle of domestic tae kwon-do tournaments. Mr. JI won the right to enter this tournament after wining the silver medal at the West-Japan Tae Kwon-do Tournament held in Nagasaki in September 2008. This time by winning the bronze medal he has also won the right to enter the All-Japan Tae Kwon-do Tournament next year.

After the bout, Mr. JI spoke of winning the bronze medal and his future ambitions, "Being able to face off with and post good results against world-level athletes was a great experience. I will especially remember my semi-final bout against Kiyoteru HIGUCHI. I hope to carry on from this match and post a good result at the All-Japan Tae Kwon-do Tournament next year."

The APU Tae Kwon Do Circle was established in 2000 and is made up of students from over 10 countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, Mexico and Canada. The male and female members go through rigorous training twice a week. The circle has gained some very good results in AY2008 and also performed at the Korean Week and "Tenku" Campus Festival.

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