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"Regional Collaboration Research Consortium Oita" holds Research Theme Presentation at APU


Feb 25, 2009

On Monday, February 23, 2009, the "Regional Collaboration Research Consortium Oita" consisting of 7 Oita Prefecture public and private universities and colleges held a research theme presentation in which 6 APU faculty staff gave presentations on 5 research themes.

The "Regional Collaboration Research Consortium Oita" was formed in 2007. Experts from the 7 public and private universities and colleges of the consortium come together and work towards solving the difficult issues facing the region. Seven research groups have been set up in areas such as agriculture-fishing-industry collaboration, medical care and health, and industry human resource development. To date, 29 research themes have been established.

During his research presentation entitled "Japanese Industry Development in Asia and Localization Strategy – International Division and the Nurturing of 'Knowledge HR' " APM Professor FUKUTANI Masanobu stated that, "The development of Japanese industry in Asia should not aim at low-cost operations and the supply of resources, instead it should aim to take guiding role as a member of a cooperative Asia. The theme of Japan is to nurture 'Knowledge HR' as its contribution to the Asian region. "
Based on an investigation of industry and APU graduates, he also spoke of the human resources sought after by industries as having a communicative ability, the ability to handle themselves and a consideration of teamwork, "it is advisable that one learns 3 languages, the local language (native language), English and Japanese in order to improve ones communication ability."

During his research presentation entitled "2nd Phase Innovation Model", Dean of the College of Asia Pacific Management, Professor NAMBA Masanori, who is also engaged in the joint research of "Japanese-Style Innovation Model Research", raised 3 examples of small to mid-sized companies which had succeeded in global expansion and development, "The process of development and gaining a top global position through 2nd Phase Innovation (management/technological innovation) is a common feature of all of these companies. This sample model shows us that it is possible for small to mid-sized companies to succeed in the global marketplace without the support of larger companies. "

These research presentations are held regularly and provide a place for mutual understanding and cooperative promotion of various research.

APU will continue advancing research activities which work towards solving the problems facing the region and the vitalization of the local community while working together in cooperation with the municipalities and industries of Oita Prefecture.
Please keep an eye out for further APU educational research, contributions to the community and international cooperation activities.

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