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Ai no Nami Exchange Class at Oita City Primary School


Mar 10, 2009

On Thursday, February 26, 2009, three members of the APU Premier Organization Ai no Nami visited Enokuma Primary School, Oita City, and exchanged with 130 fifth and sixth year students. Ai no Nami is involved in volunteer work to support the children living in areas affected by disasters in the Asia Pacific region.

This was their second such visit to Enokuma Primary School. During this visit the members spoke of the less fortunate children of the world such as the children who affected by the Sichuan earthquake and about what we can do for them. They also made a message flag with the children's notes and words of encouragement for the children of the disaster area.

The Enokuma Primary School students were actively involved and, taking the initiative, they collected note books and stationary for the children who, due to the Sichuan earthquake, now have fewer opportunities to study.

Ai no Nami members will be handing the message flag which they made with the children and the donated note books and stationary to the children of the Sichuan earthquake affected area when they visit from March 21.

One of the members who visited this primary school, Ai no Nami sub-leader KIREINA Ditya (APM2, Indonesia), spoke of her memories of their activities at Enokuma Primary School including how they made the message flag, "I was so happy when the Enokuma Primary School students answered our call and thought of the children, the same age as them, affected by the Sichuan earthquake."

"Ai no Nami" was established in 2004 to help those affected by the Sumatra Earthquake.

Their current sphere of activities is expanding and, via exchange, they are pouring their efforts into providing physiological support for the children of disaster areas in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2008, they donated a message flag made up of notes and words of encouragement to the people affected by the Myanmar cyclone.

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