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We have received the results of the JUAA University Evaluation and Accreditation

Mar 23, 2009

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University has received a University evaluation and accreditation evaluation by the Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) the results of which state that "APU has been recognized as being in compliance with JUAA university standards. Accreditation shall remain valid through March 31st, 2016."

Accreditation aims to raise the level of educational research and is a process which all public and private universities must submit to as prescribed in Article 109 of the School Education Law. It involves accreditation of the organizational management and maintenance of facilities by an accreditation body recognized by the Minister of MEXT during a time period as decided by government ordinance.

We received the following appraisal in the overall assessment, "In the global society where the Asia Pacific region is playing an increasingly important role, educating both Japanese students and international students with a multi-national group of teachers based on the ideal and the aim to cultivate global human resources attribute to sustainable, peaceful development in the Asia Pacific region is not only unique, it is suitable for today's global era."

At the same time, as we also received a few points of advice to help us improve even further in the future, we will work towards further reform and improvement based on the results of the evaluation so that we can meet the expectations of our students and their parents.

The results of the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Evaluation and Accreditation

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