Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



Name change to "College of International Management"

Mar 30, 2009

From April 2009, the "College of Asia Pacific Management" will make a new start as the "College of International Management".
The College of Asia Pacific Management was established as a college which could investigate and research the various issues prevalent in the Asia Pacific region through to issues relating to industry and development and issues relating to industry creation and management.

However, because of the heightening of the relative position of the Asia Pacific region in the world, deepening and widening of the research activities at this university and the rapid development of globalization in the businesses of today, it has become necessary to place an importance of carrying out research with not only a regional focus, but a more global focus while retaining the Asia Pacific region as a major focus for our education and research. In line with this, it is also necessary to nurture the appropriate human resources.

Against this backdrop, APU will aim to nurture human resources who can be active on the ever increasingly multinational international business stage and will change the name of the college to the "College of International Management" as a hub for the education and research of business management from the viewpoint of global and/or international management.

APU will attempt to develop further still their education and research and continue endeavoring to produce top-class human resources. Please expect further new development and progress of our "College of Asia Pacific Management", soon to be named "College of International Management".

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