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AY2009 Global Business Leaders Development Program begins:


Apr 14, 2009

On Friday, April 10, 2009, the Opening Ceremony was held for the 4th batch of students of the Global Business Leaders Development Program (GBLP). This program, proposed by our university, was adopted into the government-backed exchange student support program: "Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia".

The "Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia" is run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and aims to promote mutual understanding and economic affiliation in Asia. This is the first such exchange support program in Japan which considers the entire process from the provision of specialist education through to employment.

APU, which has newly accepted 12 students into the 4th batch, is developing and running the program and has also been selected as the managing organization of this program which aims to nurture the future global leaders upon whose shoulders the development of international business will rest.

At the ceremony, Chairman of the Program Promotion Committee, Professor KORENAGA Shun gave a few words of greeting. Following this, Project Leader, APS Professor YOKOYAMA Kenji encouraged the students, "I am expecting you to become human resources who can bring about new value. For this purpose, firstly: assimilate many ways of looking and thinking about things. Secondly: essentially love study. Thirdly: as the energy to bring about new value is itself borne out of the ability to love people, share your goals, means, happiness and sadness with many people. Have pride in becoming intellectual human resources and please work hard in the next 2 years of study.

The students each spoke of their happiness, ambitions towards the program and goals for the future, "It is an honor to be able to participate in such a wonderful program", "I want to get involved in the environmental sector", "I want to study more about Japanese business and contribute to business through the knowledge I cultivate at APU."

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