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Representative UEDA Yuito introduces PRENGO at Oita City


Apr 22, 2009

On Friday, March 27, 2009, an international cooperation event entitled "Let's Begin International Cooperation for the Good of the Smiles of the World!" was held by groups such as the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation and OITA GODO SHIMBUNSHA at the Conparu Hall in Oita City. APU student and PRENGO Representative UEDA Yuito (APS3, Japan) gave an introduction of their volunteer activities in Thailand. PRENGO is an APU Premier Organization (Academic/Friendship Volunteer field).
Every year in February and September PRENGO gets involved economic, hygiene and educational volunteer regional aid activities centering on a primary school in Thailand under their philosophy of "the creation of more educational opportunities and improvement of the educational environment by the people of the region". Mr. UEDA was requested to participate in this event by the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation.

Mr. UEDA spoke primarily about the activities of PRENGO in Thailand, their photo exhibitions and AIDS DAY in Oita. He also spoke of how he first got involved in PRENGO, "until high school my life had nothing to do with international cooperation. However since entering APU, I began to know about the people in the world trying to escape from a life of suffering and poverty and decided to join PRENGO. We are students and by no means experts, but we will continue our activities and make use of what we learn at university in real-life international cooperation. "

Every one of the approximately 150 people who attended the event listened intently to what MR. UEDA had to say.

At the conclusion of the event, Mr. UEDA spoke of his resolution to continue his work, "I feel surprised and happy that I have been able to hear from so many people that they want to get involved in international cooperation and have provided their cooperation in expanding our sphere of international cooperation activities. PRENGO will continue to introduce to people the areas in Asia where poverty is prevalent and actively work towards deepening peoples understanding of international cooperation."

PRENGO is currently preparing for their trip to Thailand in September 2009. They continue to work towards their new objectives of improving the efficiency of their activities and the further promotion of international cooperation.

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