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"Ai no Nami" Sichuan Project Photo Exhibition held


May 28, 2009

From Thursday, May 14, until Wednesday 27, 2009, the "Sichuan Project Photo Exhibition" was held at the Cafeteria by the APU volunteer circle "Ai no Nami".

"Ai no Nami" is and organisation established to help the victims of the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake. They are currently expanding their sphere of activities and are pouring their efforts into mental support through exchange with children residing in the disaster area.

The exhibition displayed approximately 50 photos of the state of the disaster area exchange activities with children taken when three "Ai no Nami" members visited Shuimo Middle School and Guangji Kindergarten from Sunday, March 22 until Monday, March 30.

More than ten months have now passed since the Sichuan Earthquake however little repair work has been achieved. Through these photos we can get a glimpse into the disaster area littered with the still visible scars of the disaster such as collapsed brick roofs left unrepaired and rows of tents, the exchanges between local children and "Ai no Nami" members, and the children who in spite of the disaster, continue to live with a smile on their face.

"Ai no Nami" representative, MATSUMOTO Yumi (APS3, Japan) spoke of holding the photo exhibition, "Although one year has passed, life in Sichuan is still very harsh. Although it's no-longer taken up by the media very much and the damage is beginning to fade from peoples' memories, the disaster area has by no means returned to normal. I hope that this photo exhibition provides the opportunity for people to have a think about something."

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): KOIKE Yuki (APS2, Japan)

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