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15 Appointed as 2009 Saiki City International Exchange Support Advisors:


May 29, 2009

The Saiki City Board of Education appointed 15 international APU students as Cultural Advisors to Saiki City at an Employment Certificate Presentation Ceremony held in the APU Convention Hall on Wednesday, May 27, 2009.

APU signed a Friendship Exchange Agreement with Tsurumi Town (now Saiki City Tsurumi) in July 2003 and Kamae Town (now Saiki City Kamae) in April 2004. International students from APU are chosen and appointed as advisors to Saiki City, helping to facilitate international exchange activities such as visiting primary and junior high schools to interact with local children. Students started working as 'Saiki City Cultural Advisors' in July 2006, after Tsurumi and Kamae amalgamated with Saiki City and a new friendship exchange agreement was signed.

The ceremony was attended by Saiki City Education Board Deputy Superintendant Mr. ETO Kouichi, and principals from 17 primary and junior high schools actively involved with exchange activities with APU. Mr. ETO presented certificates to each student advisor. The students then each gave a self introduction and spoke briefly about what they hoped to achieve through the program.

Newly appointed advisor Hossain IMAN (APM2, Bangladesh) spoke of his thoughts on exchange, "I want to be friends with, not teachers of the children. Let's study together". Also, Zeng Mengdi (APM1, China) was nervous but gave a rich comment, "Through exchange with the children, I want to teach English while also studying Japanese".

The cultural advisors will be involved in approximately 10 lessons and projects, predominately at Saiki City primary and junior high schools, throughout the 12 month period.

Saiki City's Educational and Cultural Support Advisors for AY2009
Wang Ying (APM2, China)
Fan Bo (APS2, China)
Yang Shuang (APM1, China)
Chen Lin (APM2, China)
Shen Tiansi (APM2 ,China)
Zeng Mengdi (APM1, China)
Wu Sha Lin (APS2, Taiwan)
Hossain Imam (APM2, Bangladesh)
Majumder Md Saiful Islam (APM2, Bangladesh)
Tanomwong Supitcha (APS3, Thailand)
Chotchawroj Chompunuch (APM3, Thailand)
Patcharaprakiti Thawan (APM3, Thailand)
Srisa-An Ploychompu (APM2, Thailand)
Chan Ho Lam (APM2, Hong Kong)
Singh Ramandeep (APM3, India)

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