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Global Business Leaders:Business Case Challenge Spring 2009


Jun 25, 2009

From June 12 -14, 2009, the "Global Business Leaders: Business Case Challenge Spring 2009" (GBL-BCC 2009) was held for APU undergraduate students. The presentation preparation session and preliminary round were conducted on APU Campus, while the final round and formal dinner reception were held at the Fujikan Hotel, fully sponsored by TATEISHI Masaaki (the owner of Lapin-corp. Ltd).

]First introduced to APU 6 years ago by APM Associate Professor Dr. Drummond, the GBL-BCC was organized by Global Business Leaders (GBL), an APU circle founded with the aim to provide students a relaxed place to nurture leadership skills in a student-centered environment in which to freely choose and lead management-related activities and discussions.

The leader of GBL, Michael WU (APM3, Australia) said, "I would like to thank APU professors, especially Dr. Drummond, our sponsor Lapin-corp, the Student and Academic Office, and finally my staff, without whom this event would not have been a success".

The focus of GBL-BCC 2009 was: Environment & Business, Business Ethics, and Leadership. The competing twenty-four teams acted as management consultants for Wal-Mart, and were given 20 hours to analyze Wal-Mart's management problems in Japan, which have been preventing the top U.S. retailing company from succeeding in Japanese market, offer solutions for Wal-Mart's future, and deliver a 20-minute presentations in front of panel of judges of APU Professors who were acting as the Wal-Mart's Board of Directors.

The winning team will represent APU at the Citi International Case Challenge (CICC) held by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The runner-up team will represent APU at Thamasat University in Thailand.

Members of Team 22 said "We feel truly honored to be able to represent APU in Hong Kong later this year. The GBL's BCC 2009 is surely a chapter of our APU life that we will never forget, a triumph that we can look back fondly on in the future."

The Winning Team (Team 22):
YAO Yuan (APM3, China)
ZORIGT Delgermaa (APM3, Mongolia)
THUMAYOS Saniviporn (APM4, Thailand)
PHAN Thi Hoa Lan (APM3, Vietnam)
The 1st Runner Up (Team 24):
SOONTARAT Kallita (APM3, Thailand)
SOONTARAT Pakchuda (APM3, Thailand)
SATHIANVONGNUSAR Phensiri (APM3, Thailand)
ANGELIA Elektrina (APM3, Indonesia)
Best Speaker: THUMAYOS Saniviporn (APM4, Thailand)
2nd Best Speaker: SOONTARAT Kallita (APM3, Thailand)

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): NUGROHO Katarina Marsha Utama
(APM3, Indonesia)

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