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APU Student Claims 3rd Prize at ECC Sponsored Speech Contest


Jun 29, 2009

On Sunday, June 21, 2009, APU student LIU Haiyi (APS3, China) claimed 3rd place at the "39th All Japan Youth English Oratorical for the Mayor of Honolulu Trophy" held in Tokyo.

High school and university students from around Japan gather for this ECC Corporation sponsored speech contest which aims to contribute to the realization of world peace. The students investigate a problem facing Japan and the world and then propose possible solutions. Therefore, students are judged not only on their English skills but importance is also placed on whether or not they can use English to get across their thoughts correctly.

Every year the contestants deliver speeches based on a theme decided in light of the global situation. The theme this year was "Creating a Peaceful Society Based on Trust" and eight contestants who made it through the preliminary round delivered their solution proposals.

Having seen APU students participating in regional volunteer activities and aid activities overseas, Mr. LIU felt the necessity of participating in the regional community and the importance of the globalization of regional society. During his speech, he appealed in his fluent English, "Let's all of us, including multinational corporations and exchange students, take responsibility and put our efforts into active communities and regions."

Mr. LIU spoke of his happiness at winning a prize, "Making my voice heard at a speech contest has been my dream for so many years. I hope to take advantage of this prize and challenge myself in a range of activities."

APU opened in 2000 with the great support of the local people of Oita Prefecture and Beppu City. APU students are expanding their circle of exchange with the local community through exchange events, home-stays and volunteer activities. Furthermore on our campus, a realization of a multicultural society living in co-existence, our students are studying, getting involved in the issues of international society and cultivating their character and mind. Perhaps Mr. LIU's achievement is the result of his daily life in the multicultural and multinational environment of APU.

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