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The APU Photo Circle Photo Exhibition


Jul 23, 2009

From Tuesday, July 21, until Sunday, July 26, 2009, the APU Photo Circle will be holding their Photo Exhibition Chapter.5 "Tottchan" at the APU Convention Hall.

The exhibition is being held as a place to display and introduce the work of the circle members to the wider public and is the debut exhibition for the April new entrants.

Under the theme of "Free Theme" approximately 30 pieces will be on display of travel and daily life as seen through the camera lens.

The APU Photo Circle currently has 20 members including 5 international students who are engaged in photography using a range of mediums such as film, digital and disposable cameras to capture the sensitivities of daily, and not so daily, life. In addition to independent exhibitions, the group has held joint exhibitions with 4 other Oita Prefecture universities, joint exhibitions with Ritsumeikan University and will continue their expressive activities from a range of view points utilizing the camera as a mutual communications tool.

Photo Circle representative HAMADA Yu (APM2, Japan) commented, "This is the first exhibition for our new entrants. We have a range of photos on display bursting with individuality taken under the `free theme'. We hope that many people come along".

The Photo Exhibition Chapter.5 "Tottchan"
Time/date: Tuesday, July 21 – Sunday, July 26 9:00-18:00
Venue: The APU Convention Hall (Building A, 2F)
Entry: Free

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