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A Message from International Graduate Employed in Japanese Industry


Aug 12, 2009

On Thursday, July 23, 2009, MUSAEVA Feruza (APS Grad, Spring'08, Uzbekistan), visited APU for the student employment support program "On-Campus Recruiting"* and gave a message to current students as she looked back on her time as a student at APU.
Ms FERUZA, who is currently employed at the Personnel Division of Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd, entered APU as a 3rd year transfer student from Italy where she was on an exchange. In the 6 months before coming to Japan, she studied hiragana and katakana by herself and Kanji and grammar during her Japanese classes after arriving at APU.

Ms. FERUZA commented as she looked back on the time she spent in the multicultural environment of APU, "During my time here time at APU, I tried to establish communication with a range of people as a member of the Wadaiko Japanese Drum Circle, learnt about team work through my part-time job and deepened my interest in Japanese culture through these experiences. The reason I chose to seek employment in Japan was because I wanted to learn more about the Japanese culture."

She went on to describe her job, "At the moment I am making use of the team work skills, flexibility and ability to understand different cultures that I nurtured during my student life and trying to see just how much I can get involved with my surroundings, develop myself and improve my results. My job involves managing the employment of foreign workers and I am working hard to make use of the enterprising spirit I built up at APU, for example, by re-evaluating the traditional methods and proposing new employment methods which make it easier for foreigners to make an employment application."

At the end of the interview, she gave a message of encouragement to the current students, "human relations are important when it comes to work, but good human relations are made under the premise of understanding each other's culture. I hope that students will get actively involved with events such as Multicultural Week and of course, not be bound by nationality, religion or culture in their daily life."

*On-Campus Recruiting
As part of the APU employment support system, On-Campus Recruiting takes you through the employment process of information sessions, exams and interviews with industry and organisation representatives who come to APU.

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