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The Sun Piccolo Project Student Circle Conducts Study Tour in the Philippines


Sep 18, 2009

Sun Piccolo Project is an APU student circle that undertakes activities to eliminate child prostitution. Three members of Sun Piccolo Project travelled to the Philippines from Monday, August 31st to Tuesday, September 8th to conduct a study tour.
On this tour the members visited the PREDA Foundation, an organization that takes in Manila's child prostitutes and provides them with therapy. By interacting with the children, they learned how to talk to and make connections with emotionally-traumatized children, and they gained insight into the impact that prostitution has on children. The students also participated in the PREDA Foundation's feeding program, which provides food to malnourished elementary school children free of charge, and observed sites of the Foundation's fair trade project.

Reflecting on the tour, Circle Leader YAMAMOTO Yoko (APM2, Japan) discussed her impressions and future aspirations, "The most memorable part of this study tour was the smiling faces of the children. The children we met are not living at a suitable level, but they are strong and full of vigor. I look forward to working with my circle members to run some lifestyle and educational assistance projects for them."

Sun Piccolo Project was established in 2003 and currently has 14 members who conduct study tours and on-campus awareness-raising campaigns in an effort to stamp out child prostitution. Last August members visited a child protection center in Cambodia and engaged in exchange events with the children in the care of a local NGO called AFECIP. They plan to hold a presentation on their tour at this year's Tenku Festival where they will also sell fair trade goods purchased from the PREDA Foundation.

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