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Let's learn about different cultures at APU –the APU 10th Anniversary Commemorative APU Public Lecture


Oct 16, 2009

APU has recognized the role it plays in the internationalisation and development of the community as one of its central missions and as part of this mission, the University has been holding APU Public lectures since 1998 –before the university opened. The theme for AY2009's APU Public Lectures will be "Intercultural Understanding and Misunderstanding—Getting Lost in Southeast Asia", and these will be held as a series of special lectures to commemorate APU's 10th anniversary.
The first lecture, to be held on Saturday, October 17, 2009, will welcome the renowned Southeast Asia researcher ISHII Yoneo (APU Academic Advisor and Director of the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records in the National Archives) to give a thought-provoking lecture entitled "50 Years of Research on Thailand".

The following lectures on a range of themes will feature APU faculty members engaged in research on South East Asia. These four lectures will introduce some of the charms of South East Asia and deepen our understanding of the area. With a tea party at the conclusion, these lectures will also provide the opportunity for exchange with both the lecturer and international students.

From the inaugural lecture in 1998, APU has since held 51 APU Public Lectures in Oita Prefecture and 6 in Fukuoka Prefecture. APU will continue to hold lectures on a range of themes as we attempt to share some of our knowledge with the community so please look forward to the next one.
We are currently looking for participants in the 2nd public lectures onward (applications to the 1st lecture are closed). As a member of the greater Asian community, why don't you come along to learn a bit about South East Asia?

Schedule for the APU Public Lectures:
1st Lecture: Saturday, October 17 13:00~16:00
Theme: "50 Years of Research on Thailand"
Lecturer: ISHII Yoneo, APU Academic Advisor, and Director of the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records in the National Archives

2nd Lecture: Saturday, November 14 13:00~16:00
Theme: "The Languages of South East Asia: A world of enchanting languages"
Lecturer: APS Assistant Professor, TAHARA Hiroki

3rd Lecture: Saturday, December 12 13:00~16:00
Theme: "Islam of South East Asia: Understandings and misunderstandings"
Lecturer: APS Associate Professor, IGUCHI Yufu

4th Lecture: Saturday, January 23, 2010, 13:00~16:00
Theme: "The other side to Romance: Things we've seen from the Relics of Cambodia and Angkor Wat"
Lecturer: APS Associate Professor, SASAGAWA Hideo

*Breakdown for all lectures: 13:00-15:00 Lecture, Q&A
15:00-16:00 Tea Party

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