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APU and the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association join forces for the "2009 World Catch-Ball Classic in Oita"


Dec 18, 2009

On Sunday, December 13, 2009, the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association hosted "2009 World Catch-Ball Classic in Oita" was held on the APU campus. Held to promote communication with baseball fans, this event was also held as part of the APU 10th anniversary celebrations and aimed to contribute to international and regional interaction and exchange through baseball.

More detailed information on the events can be seen via the following links:

The Opening Ceremony
Baseball Talk - Show
The Catch-ball Tournament
The Closing Ceremony

On the day, twelve current professional baseball players converged on the APU campus including local Oita Prefecture players UCHIKAWA Seiichi (Yokohama) and TSUCHIYA Teppei (Rakuten) – both leading batters in the Central and Pacific Leagues – and held a catch-ball event with APU international students and the many visitors who came along. This event made use of the "Yu-ball" – a baseball specially designed in cooperation with the Professional Baseball Players Association for catch-ball – and proved a hit with the international students – many experiencing baseball for the first time, the sharp throwing youth baseball players, and 3600 local residents. Regardless of age, nationality, gender or experience, all comers were able to enjoy a fun day of catch-ball.

Participated Players:
From Oita Prefecture:
WAKIYA Ryouta (Giants), HIDAKA Ryo (Tokyo Yakult), ANDO Yuya & Ikuro KATSURAGI (Hanshin), HIROSE Jun (Hiroshima), UCHIKAWA Seiichi (Yokohama), Teppei (Rakuten), OTSUKA Akira (Chiba LOTTE)
From other Prefectures:
WATANABE Naoto (Rakuten), KAWASAKI Munenori & KIDOKORO Ryouma (Fukuoka SoftBank), Yamato (Hanshin)

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