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APU's latest initiatives in the globalization of Japan's higher education


Jan 22, 2010

In March 2010 APU will cooperate with Akita International University (AIU) to offer training sessions for domestic university staff with the aim of sharing managerial know-how and increasing staff skills in an effort to further globalize higher education in Japan.
Founded in 2000 APU was able to all but achieve its goal of the "Three 50s" (50% international student intake, 50% foreign faculty, and student intake from 50 countries and regions) in its initial year. APU has since grown into a multicultural campus with 2900 international students from 97 countries and regions living and studying side-by-side with 3300 Japanese students (as of November 2009). In this unique APU environment students transcend nationality, religion, culture and race to engage diligently in their studies, in turn developing broad horizons and the ability to take on challenges in myriad fields.

As the front-runner in university internationalization, APU has sealed a cooperative agreement with AIU and has joined forces with Sophia University, AIU, International Christian University, and the Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies to setup the Conference of the 5 International Universities. APU has come to assume a leading role in the globalization of Japan's higher education.

Activities on a global scale have become essential for higher education in Japan. Even in the realm of university administration, transnational exchange of students, faculty and researchers and education with international currency are becoming the norm. In 2009, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) decided to implement the Global 30 Project in an effort to boost international competitiveness, to provide education of a standard attractive to foreign students and to cultivate human resources who can succeed on the global stage. As such, the development of university staff with these qualities has become an urgent issue.

This round of training sessions will cover achievements in attracting exchange students, systems that enable students to receive degrees by studying entirely in English, and measures used develop international campus environments as staff from universities around Japan gather to share APU and AIU's practical know-how and build skills.

Please see here for application guidelines and application forms.
(If applicant numbers exceed seats, participants will be drawn by lottery)

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