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PRENGO Participate in the Sony Marketing Student Volunteer Fund

Jun 26, 2005

On Saturday 18 June, APU registered organisation PRENGO attended the Sony Marketing Student Volunteer Fund Debriefing Session at the Meiji Gakuin University Shirokane campus in Tokyo. The debriefing session was attended by university-affiliated volunteer groups throughout Japan. Representing APU was WAYABAYASHI Yasuhiro (APM 3rd year); SUZUKI Keiji (APM 2nd year); ISHIMARU Hisano (APM 2nd year); and ASSAWAPRAPA Panee (APS 2nd year, Thailand).
PRENGO was established for the expressed purpose of carry out charity and volunteer activities aimed at improving educational opportunities for children in Thailand. The members of PRENGO have visited primary schools in Thailand on numerous occasions to bolster the foster parent programs they have set up to provide financial support for children. They are also involved in other activities designed to improve the rate of literacy and living standards amongst primary school children. One may safely presume that the students have no doubt utilised their APU Asia Pacific Studies and Asia Pacific Management learning to carry out these regional development programs.

At the Sony Marketing Student Volunteer Fund Debriefing Session 22 organisations from around the country were selected to attend – amongst which 5 organisations were requested to do a presentation. PRENGO representative Mr. WAKABAYASHI delivered a report on his circle's research in Thailand which included explanations of how the funds were applied to their projects. Before the Sony Marketing Chairman, Executive Managing Director, Executive Chairman of the Meiji Gakuin University, the Meiji Gakuin University Chancellor, and approximately 100 students from other universities, Mr. WAKABAYASHI briefed the audience in regards to PRENGO's 17 day sojourn in Thailand during February this year.

Mr. WAKABAYASHI excitedly stated that: "We want to step up the pace of our programs. At the debriefing session we were able to speak to students from other universities, which really spurred us on. We also take pride in that we were also able to provide a stimulus to other organisations".

At present, PRENGO is providing educational support to primary schools in Banchang, Rayong Prefecture. The members are actively pursuing their aims of expanding their projects even further in Thailand.

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