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Donation Appeal to support those affected by recent fires in Beppu


Jan 28, 2010

On Thursday, January 28 and Friday, January 29, 2010, faculty staff and members of the APU event organisation "Beppu City, Hikari Machi 'Yui' Disaster Relief Group" will hold a donations appeal to raise funds for those affected by the massive fires that struck Hikari Machi, Beppu City (Jan 13) and Noguchinaka Machi, Beppu (Jan 18).
APU opened through the cooperation of Oita Prefecture and Beppu City. Over half of the student body reside in Beppu City and our students continue to enjoy lively exchange and interaction with the local community. Group leader FUJIOKA Hisako (APS4, Japan) also serves as representative of the Beppu urban development and festival planning group, the "Beppu Town Planning Promotion Committee(*)" and decided to launch this donation appeal in the hope that the Beppu region and those affected by these disasters will recover as soon as possible.

All donations collected will be delivered to those affected by the fires via the Beppu City Hall.

The donation appeal will take place at the following times. Please show your generosity.

Time/date: January 28,29, 2010  12:30‐14:00/16:05‐17:40 
Venue: Front of the APU Cafeteria

*The "Beppu Town Planning Promotion Committee" was established in 2003 by APU students out of the idea to make Beppu into a city to be loved and proud of. They are engaged in a range of events working towards Beppu City development including the planning for and carrying out the SENTO TAISAI Festival which they hope will last for "100 years".

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