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Hikari Machi Disaster Relief Donation Appeal results and expression of thanks


Feb 23, 2010

Thank you to everyone who supported the APU student disaster relief donation appeal for Hikari Machi, Beppu City.
APU was made possible through the support and cooperation and support of Beppu City and Oita Prefecture. Currently over half of the APU student body live in Beppu City and enjoy interacting with the local community on a daily basis. Our students have come together to form the "Beppu City, Hikari Machi 'Yui' Disaster Relief Group" and launched a donation appeal to support the region's recovery. The following is a report on their donation appeal.

Hikari Machi Disaster Relief Donation Appeal Results and Expression of Thanks

Thank you all very much for your help with our Hikari Machi Disaster Relief Donation Appeal. As members of the Beppu City, Hikari Machi 'Yui' Disaster Relief Group we wanted the APU student body to make a contribution to Beppu City as an expression of our daily gratitude to the City that has given us so much. Over the two days we carried out our donation appeal we managed to raise 69,695yen from university students, representatives and graduates. This donation appeal was made possible thanks to the many graduates who heeded our call from afar, the students sympathetic to our cause, and the many more people who gave their support. Here are the details of the donation appeal.

"Beppu City, Hikari Machi 'Yui' Disaster Relief Group" Representative

[Donation Appeal Outline]
Appeal dates:Thursday, January 28, Friday, 29, 2010
Appeal venue:Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, in front of the Cafeteria
Amount raised:69,695yen
  Day one: 23,999yen
  Day two: 14,686yen
  Amount received from graduates: 31,000yen
Donations presented to: The Beppu City Town Hall, Wednesday, February 17. 15:00
Number of participants:approximately 15

The donation appeal as it happened

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