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Multicultural Camp 2010 – Camp Leader Training Program


May 21, 2010

On Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2, 2010, a training program was held for Camp Leaders of the upcoming Multicultural Camp at the "Ojika" Beppu Municipal Camp Site. Eighteen selected international and domestic students took part. Held by APU, Multicultural Camps aim to provide students with opportunities for intercultural exchange.

In addition to preparation for the upcoming Multicultural Camp, the leadership training program aims to develop relationships of trust between participants and equip them with the skills needed to carryout their role successfully. Through a trial-run of the actual camp program, participants worked through the problems they encountered and developed a greater understanding of risk-management and leadership.

For their evening meal, the participants tried their hand at cooking rice over an open fire – a task which proved a challenge for a number of students attempting it for the first time. After dinner, the participants then held their first discussion towards deciding a theme for this year's camp.

KISHI Nodoka (APS, Japan) commented on the training program, "This was a very meaningful program. Although many of us were meeting for the first time, by the latter half of the program we had developed strong relationships of trust. I hope that many people will take part in Multicultural Camp and get a taste of the APU multilingual environment".

NARANG Rohit (APM, India) also gave his impressions, "Every time I take part in this camp I learn something new. Multicultural Camps are a great opportunity to meet and get to know people of different cultures, customs and languages, and discover something new about ourselves. Multicultural Camps really give us an opportunity to experience cross-cultural understanding first-hand".

Now being held for the fifth time, Multicultural Camps aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and interaction between domestic and international students. Two camps will be held this year on June 26 -27, and July 17 -18.

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA):NAGANO Yuta(APS2,Japan)

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