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"Korean Week" Gets Underway


Jun 24, 2010

"Multicultural Weeks" are being held again this year on the APU campus. Held over a month, this event will put the spotlight on the 98 countries & regions represented on the APU campus and introduce their different language and cultures. The 3rd installment, "Korean Week", is now underway and will run until Friday 25.

A generous menu of Korean food will be available during Korean Week at the Cafeteria including "Topogi", "Pul-Kogi" and "Chijimi". You will also be able to have your photo taken wearing traditional Korean costumes, create your own Korean hand-mirror, and experience Korean culture. Marking the end of Korean Week is the "Grand Show". Entitled Hunminjeongeum*, the pantomime performance will tell the story of the father of the Hangul alphabet and fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty, Sejong the Great, from the time of his enthronement through to his creation of the Hangul alphabet. The performance is sure to enthrall with a traditional Korean martial arts Tae Kwon Do display, a dazzling fan dance with costumes, a traditional "Samulunori" musical performance by APU circle Shinmyoung, and much, more more.
We hope to see you there!

Schedule for "Korean Week"

Monday, June 21 ・Friday, June 25. 10:30-16:00 @ APU Cafeteria
Have your photo taken in full traditional Korean costumes

Monday, June 21. 10:30-16:00 @ APU Cafeteria
Experience Korean culture: make your own Korean hand-mirror

Monday, June 21. 18:30-20:30 @ Wave amphitheatre
Korean music performance

Tuesday, June 22. 11:00-15:00 @ AP House
Make your own Korean sweets (sorry, this event is not open to the public)

Thursday, June 24. 14:00 (tentative) @ APU Fountain *to be held at the Caf蠡in event of rain
Experience Korean culture: traditional New Year's games
"Peni-chigi" (spinning tops), "Nol-twigi" (see-saw), "Tjye-ki Tcha-ki" (shuttle-cock kicking game)

Friday, June 25. 18:30-20:30 (doors open: 18:00) @ APU Millennium Hall
Grand Show: "Hunminjeongeum" (origins of the Korean 'Hangul' alphabet)
Tae Kwon Do display, Korean fan dance, Samulunori performance, and more!

"Hunminjeongeum" is the ancient name that refers to "Hangul" - the alphabet used by the Korean people created by the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty, Sejong the Great in the 15th century. The "Hunminjeongeum" manuscript published for the Korean people in 1446 was registered in 1997 by UNESCO as a "Memory of the World".

*The participating countries for the Spring 2010 Multicultural Weeks are as follows:
Monday, June 7 Friday, June 11: Chinese Week (finished)
Monday, June 14 Friday, June 18: Vietnam Week(finished)
Monday, June 21 Friday, June 25: Korean Week
Monday, June 28 Friday, July 2: Indonesian Week
Monday, July 5 Friday, July 9: Myanmar Week
Monday, July 12 Friday, July 16: Thai Week

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