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Congratulations! APU graduate SUZUKI Toshie wins All-Japan Tsugaru-Shamisen Tournament!


Aug 25, 2010

APU graduate SUZUKI Toshie (APS Grad Spring`09), entered the "4th All-Japan Tsugaru-Shamisen Tournament" held in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, on Sunday, August 1, 2010, and won the women's division in fine form. Ms. SUZUKI is an active professional Tsugaru-shamisen player currently based in Beppu City.

During her time as a student at APU, Ms. SUZUKI was active on the national stage and posted her first national championship victory at the "5th National Tsugaru-Jamisen Competition in KOBE" in October, 2008. An avid fan of Beppu's renowned hot-springs, Ms. SUZUKI chose to stay in Beppu after graduation and is currently an active shamisen performer and instructor. Following victories in Kobe and Osaka, this is Ms. SUZUKI's third tournament success.

On November 3 (public holiday), Ms. SUZUKI will join graduate school members of the New York Juilliard School for a joint shamisen-quartet. The Juilliard School has produced a number of world famous musicians and artists over the years and this quartet is expected to feature the piano, violin, viola and clarinet. We hope you will come along and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to hear Japan's top shamisen performer alongside one of the world’s preeminent quartets.

Please click here for more information on the upcoming joint-concert

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