Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



President Cassim Presents Governer Hirose with Commemorative Plaque

Jul 30, 2004

On Friday, July 30, APU President Cassim visited Prefectural Governor Hirose Katsusada at the Prefectural Office, presenting him with a plaque explaining the origin of the "Ritsumeikan Dormitory Song" and the poem of "Kyudo".Although the origins of the "Ritsumeikan Dormitory Song” are unclear, the second verse was based on the Chinese style poem (encouraged young people studying at the Kangien, opened by Hirose Tansou) written by Hirose Tansou, head of the Kangien.

On July 14, at the Ritsumeikan Kinugasa Campus Library, the unveiling ceremony took place for the works painted by Amano Yoshiko (wife of the late Amano Kazuo, former Chancellor of the Ritsumeikan Trust).

Vice Chancellor of the Ritsumeikan Trust, President Cassim, met with Governor Hirose, himself a descendant of Hirose Tansou. He conveyed the news of the unveiling ceremony and presented him with a miniature plaque explaining the origin as well as photographs from the ceremony.

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