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Student Executive Committee Progress Report on 2005 World Students' Tourism Summit

Oct 14, 2005

2005 World Students' Tourism Summit Official Home Page

It's hard to believe that the "2005 World Students' Tourism Summit" is only 4 weeks away!

The summit will be held from Tuesday, November 8 to Tuesday, November 15 and discussions will revolve around the theme of "Towards the Future of Tourism - Dynamic, Sustainable, and Boundless." The event is a collaborative effort between Oita Prefecture, Beppu City, and APU.

The summit will encompass over 1,000 participants including key figures and specialists from the tourism world and domestic and international students from 22 different countries and regions.

Student participants will have a wonderful opportunity to visit and see the sights in each prefecture in Kyushu through the "Tourism and Exchange Caravan Tour", and afterwards will convene in Beppu City for discussions on pertinent issues associated with tourism in the 9 workshops held at APU between November 11 and November 13. A Students' Declaration will be compiled by the participants confronting the issues of tourism promotion from an academic perspective and presented on the last day of the summit at the General Assembly.

Spotlight interviewed Ms. Kikumi YOKOMOTO (APS 4), the Chairperson of the Student Executive Committee, and she had the following to say:

"There are only 4 weeks until the summit, but there are over 160 members in the Students' Executive Committee and if we can continue to cooperate and communicate effectively we will ensure the success of summit. We are repeatedly checking the schedule and finer details of what needs to be done from herein. We are also ensuring that a daily plan is drawn up and that it's clear what group is in charge of what area and what the individual responsibilities are. The Workshop Team is striving ahead and making sure that study sessions and on-line discussions in relation to the summit workshops take place to ensure the success of the workshops."

"The summit is an enormous undertaking put together by a united student effort. It is very much worthwhile and I feel the students will gain enormously by both planning and managing an event of this magnitude. We may experience some challenges in relation to language and communication on the way, but by working through them I'm sure solid friendships will be forged and the process will contribute to the success of the summit. I will do everything in my power to incorporate everyone's ideas and to ensure that the participants return to their home countries satisfied with having been part of the summit."

We look forward to this large international conference brought about by combined efforts between government and academia. Please refer to the summit website for specific details.

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