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APU MBA Seminar in Tokyo

Oct 19, 2005

The APU MBA Seminar was held at Academy Hills in Roppongi, Tokyo on the afternoon of September 30. The aim of this seminar was to offer people living in the Tokyo area who are interested in graduate business education an opportunity to appreciate the importance of gaining an MBA. The seminar was delivered through lectures and discussion led by current APU teaching staff and other prominent guest speakers. The lectures and panel discussion were all held in English, since English is used to teach all the classes of the APU MBA Program. Approximately 30 people attended the seminar, including entrepreneurs, corporate managers and employees, and academic staff and students from other educational institutions.

The Seminar began with a keynote lecture by Ms. Saito Kiyomi, CEO of J Bond Corporation, whose translation of Jack Welch's "WINNING" recently became a best seller in Japan. Ms Kiyomi spoke of her experience of being one of the first female Japanese students to obtain an MBA from Harvard Business School,. She also spoke about other aspects of her experience in the business world.

Ms. Saito's lecture was followed by a panel discussion in which two of APU's Visiting Professors - Shima Yoshio and Tsunoda Aijiro - and two APU Professors - Nagai Shusai and Kuhara Masaharu - participated. These four Professors reflected the broad range of expertise APU faculty members bring to their teaching in the fields of Corporate Finance, Law and Management. During the panel discussion, each of the faculty members provided an account of their experience of teaching and interacting with APU's MBA students who come from more than 20 different countries, further highlighting the uniqueness of the APU MBA Program.

APU part-time lecturer Ms. Rochelle Kopp, Managing Principal, North America of Japan Intercultural Consulting and author of "The Rice-Paper Ceiling: Breaking Through Japanese Corporate Culture" also spoke at the seminar. Ms Kopp's lecture, entitled, "Cross Cultural Understanding in Asian Business" included many interesting examples and useful tips on managing cross cultural business relationships - a topic which is highly relevant to APU's multicultural community.

Finally, Dean of the Graduate School of Management, Ronald Patten summed up the key messages of each segment of the seminar, emphasizing the trend towards globalization in contemporary society. "The MBA Program at APU gives students the opportunity to build lifelong professional and personal relationships; it represents the foundation of a global network," concluded Dean Patten.

The various topics covered in the seminar provided participants with an in-depth appreciation of the advantages of the APU MBA program, and provided valuable advice on the importance of graduate business education.

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