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APU Student wins "Japanese Speech Contest for Exchange Students" - APU's third successive victory


Dec 22, 2010

On Saturday, December 11, 2010, APU student LE Thuc Uyen (APM4, Vietnam) won the Oita Prefecture Committee for International Student Exchange and University Consortium Oita hosted "Japanese Speech Contest for Exchange Students" held at the Conparu Hall in Oita City. Three APU students took part, namely, Ms. LE, PAK Andrey (APM3, Uzbekistan) and HU Qiongfang (APM3, China). Students from APU have now won this competition for three successive years.

Under the title of "how I have changed thanks to the Japanese Tea Ceremony", Ms. LE delivered a speech about how her encounter with the Japanese tea ceremony had helped her to develop as an individual through extracurricular activities. She spoke of how the Japanese tea ceremony is open to people regardless of age, gender or nationality, in the true spirit of "peace".

Looking back on her achievement, Ms. LE spoke of her ambitions for the future, "Winning this competition has not only been a great way to improve my Japanese, but it has also given me the self confidence to believe that when I put my mind to it, I can achieve even the highest of goals. I hope to put this experience to good use in my search for employment".

Begun in 1989, the Japanese Speech Contest for Exchange Students is held every year and aims to deepen interaction and mutual understanding with local exchange students. This year fourteen students studying and local Oita Prefecture universities, colleges and vocational schools took part and delivered speeches about their dreams for the future, interactions with the people of the local community and much more. Many people of the general public attended the contest and were impressed with the Japanese skills of the exchange students.

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