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Language Proficiency Developing in a Multicultural Environment


Feb 14, 2011

Many APU students actively take advantage of the long breaks to leave Japan on university-sponsored internships, field studies and other programs or to engage in volunteer activities.

The underlying support for such "outward-looking" students is provided through language education on the APU campus, a multicultural and multilingual environment in which global perspectives are commonplace.

Approximately 80% of undergraduate subjects are offered in both Japanese and English and students can enroll on either a Japanese or an English-basis as part of APU's unique Bilingual Education System. With this system, APU has made it possible for outstanding young students around the world to study in Japan.

In addition to Japanese and English, APU also offers classes in the six Asia Pacific Languages of Chinese, Korean, Malay/Indonesian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese from the introductory to the advanced levels. This is one way that APU fosters intercultural understanding and realizes its basic ideal of "Creating the Future of the Asia Pacific".

The advanced language proficiency that APU students seek is developed not only in class, but also in day-to-day student life through residence in the student dormitory, AP House, and participation in various club activities. Many students become interested in different languages and cultures by making friends on campus, and this often leads them to partake in study abroad programs or seek certain careers.

Take NINO Yuko. The more she studied Malay/Indonesian, the more Indonesian friends she made, and this piqued her interest in Islamic culture, leading her to study abroad at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her experience abroad led her into her current career.
Said NINO, "I was struck by how my friends' family members who weren't even sure about Japan's location on the map were incredibly knowledgeable about Japanese products. I started to think that I wanted to be involved in producing products that would be the pride of Japan in the future. The company that gave me a job offer is planning to expand abroad by using networks of Overseas Chinese, and I hope that someday I can take part in promoting Japanese products in one of my favorite countries, Malaysia."

In today's world across a wide array of fields, people with expertise and communication skills grounded in language proficiency are in demand. We look forward to seeing these APU students who develop their skills in a multicultural and multilingual environment succeed on the global stage.

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