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Congratulations! APU Students Take Top Spots in Applied Solar Power Product Idea Contest


Feb 15, 2011

On Monday, February 7th, 2011, RYU Tomoko (APS3, Japan) and TSUTSUI Yusuke (APS3, Japan), both students in APM Professor NAKATA Yukihiko's Management of Technology seminar, won the grand prize and second place respectively in the Solar and Green Energy Business Promotion Association's Applied Solar Power Product Idea Contest. In an effort to educate students in practical idea creation, all Management of Technology seminar students entered this contest.

The contest is open to high school and university students and is held with the two-fold aim of promoting the solar cell industry and raising environmental awareness. The three entrants that passed the first round screening created prototypes and advanced to the second round screening.

Both students sought to take advantage of the unique features of flexible solar cells*. Ms. RYU devised a backpack with a solar-powered safety alarm and light, and Mr. TSUSUI proposed a smoking room air purifier that powered on when a solar cell attached to a patio umbrella was activated.

Commenting on her achievement, Ms. RYU said, "I focused on the safety of elementary school students with my idea. I am very pleased to have my idea recognized." Mr. TSUTSUI commented, "I focused on the issue of second-hand smoke and got a hint for my idea from an outdoor cafe. I was able to complete my prototype with help from my seminar classmates and corporate backing."

In addition to the top two spots, Management of Technology seminar students had a banner day, taking home six honorable mentions.

*Flexible solar cell
Thin-film, lightweight solar cells that show promise for use in a wide range of applications in which conventional solar cells cannot be used.

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