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The Second ENVOL International Symposium Held at APU


Feb 23, 2011

On Saturday January 22, 2011, the 2nd ENVOL* International Symposium was held at APU. Inviting researchers from around Japan, the Philippines and Australia, the event offered students on the ENVOL program the opportunity to hear about and discuss a range of research findings in various environmental projects and issues by researchers, professionals and academics. ENVOL Program students also presented their research findings.

The Symposium was kicked off with an opening address by APU Vice-President, HIRATA Junichi and keynote speeches by ENVOL Program Coordinator, Prof. SANGA-NGOIE, APU Pro-Vice President M. COOPER, and Prof. Angel C. Alcala (Silliman University, the Philippines). During his keynote speech, Prof. Angel C. Alcala spoke about the development of marine conservation and reef fisheries management programs in the Philippines.

Four sessions then took place focusing on a range of topics including environmental research, forest ecosystems, renewable resources and sustainable technology. In addition to presentations by researchers and members of the environmental business community, six 2nd year ENVOL students also delivered presentations based on the research findings.

One student presenter, APU ENVOL program participant MORISAKI Ikuko (GSAM2, Japan), described the demographic and socioeconomic patterns of food loss in households in Oita Prefecture. During her presentation, she described the attitudes Oita citizens towards food expiration dates, impulse buying and better waste management systems. This was followed by a lively discussion among audience members surrounding attitudes towards food wastage in different cultures.

Following the presentation sessions, a round table discussion took place amongst the presenters, audience members and participating researchers. It was a great opportunity for students to engage in interactive discussions with a wide range of researchers and scholars on a variety of subjects including the management of community based resource management projects.

*Environmental Opinion Leaders for the Asia Pacific Program (ENVOL)
The ENVOL Program is a GP Program offered within the Master Course of the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies and is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
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Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA):
Dimithri Dveinda Jayagoda (GSAM 2, Sri Lanka)

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