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Sri Lanka Week at APU – Nov. 28 till Dec. 2

Nov 28, 2005

Ayubowan! (May you enjoy the gift of a long life!)
With this traditional greeting, we welcome you to the 3rd annual Sri Lanka Week commencing on December 2 at 6.30pm in the APU Millennium Hall. This cultural show will give you a unique opportunity to experience the nation's glittering tapestry of culture and its rich abundance of nature. The exciting performances will introduce different perspectives of Sri Lanka and will entertain you all with varieties of dance including traditional and modern.

Please also feel free to enjoy the delicious dishes of Sri Lankan cuisine from Monday, November 28 till Friday, December 2 at the APU Cafeteria.

Don't hesitate! Join us on Friday night and experience the glamour and the warmth of the Sri Lankan people on stage. You will realize that when the time comes to leave the beautiful shores and the warm hearts of the Sri Lankans, that we will not bid farewell, but invite you all to return – again and again to enjoy next year's Sri-Lankan week!

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