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Daily Events during Japanese Week at APU

Dec 5, 2005

Daily Events during Japanese Week at APU
December 5 - December 9

With the expression "Kachofugetsu" we welcome you to experience the myriad of Japanese culture during Japanese Week at APU.

As the opening event a stage performance will be held at the APU Cafeteria on Tuesday, December 6. And on the last day of Japanese Week (Friday, December 9) we invite everyone to the Millennium Hall to come on a journey with us to all of the 47 prefectures of Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Please refer below for program details:

Time: Tuesday, December 6 17:50 – 19:00
Place APU Cafeteria
1. Festival! Bon Odori Festival Dance! Jigokubushi Dance – Let's do the Samba!
2. APU Japanese Koto Club, Tsugaru Shamisen, Folk Music collaboration "Hibiki" - The harmonious sound of music blowing from the North and South
3. Arauma Dance "Nagisa" - Rassera Rassera
4. Drinking Game with lemonade and green juice
5. Song "Shounenjidai"
6. Fashion Show "Waka"
7. Final Samba Jigokubushi Dance

Time: Friday, December 6
Place: Wave Amphitheatre 19:30 - 20:50

1. Japanese Drum "Raku"
2. Judo   
3. Aikido
4. Soran - Dance 
5. Naginata   
6. Karate   
7. Parapara Dancing

Time: Friday, December 9 18:00 – 21:15
Place: APU Millennium Hall

Introduction of performances:
- Hokkaido-Soran Dance
- Aomori-Arauma
- Iwate-Nanazumai
- Chiba-ParaPara Dancing
- Hyogo-Cheer group
- Kochi-Yosakoi
- Hiroshima-O-kagura
- Okinawa-Eisa

On the last day, we invite people to come and enjoy the live collaborative performance by "Earth Verse" (a drum, percussion, and rap group from Tokyo) and Japanese Drum Circle "Raku" at APU Millennium Hall.

There will also be the first self-produced fashion show at APU with great DJs. Please come and enjoy the beautiful collection.

Throughout Japanese Week we will be giving away presents from the exhibition by lucky draw.

Play Ground
Everyday during Japanese Week, a play ground will be set-up in the cafeteria, and you will be able to try your hand at yo-yo, quoits, a game of Go, calligraphy, read manga or take a photo wearing Kimono.
If you try the quoits game or yo-yo, you will have a chance to win a small prize!

Special Menu in APU Cafeteria
During Japanese Week, flied dough sticks, chirashi-zushi, and local Oita dishes will be available in the Cafeteria. Candy floss will also be on sale.

An exhibition of each prefecture's products will be held at the Convention Hall.

Bathroom of 1st floor of Cafeteria
Come and be spooked by Japanese ghosts in the bathrooms on the first floor of the cafeteria.

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