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KUMON English Immersion Day held in APU


Jun 28, 2011

On Sunday, June 19, 2011, the KUMON English Immersion Day (EID) was held at the APU Student Hall. The English Immersion Day is an annual event held by the KUMON Institute of Education Co., Ltd and aims to give KUMON children an opportunity to expand their view of the world through using the English language. Fifty-one APU students from 16 different countries and regions including Indonesia, Korea, Mozambique, the Philippines and Romania, gathered and participated in this year’s intercultural exchange event.

This year’s EID was held with children from Oita Prefecture ranging from 10 to 12 years of age. During the event, the children were divided into eight groups with three or four camp leaders who supported the children through English songs, dance, games and other activities such as guessing the group leaders’ home countries.

All the activities were carried out in English. Through these programs, the children developed their confidence in using English and became more comfortable talking and interacting with their group leaders as well as with the other kids.

Program participant ZHAO Yuan (APS3, China) expressed her gratitude to KUMON: “The English Immersion Day has enabled me to have fun while sharing my knowledge with the kids. I study hard everyday and this program helped me relax from my busy school life. The feeling was so satisfying every time I saw the kids open up to us and learn something new”.

Fellow participant, Habib NTWOKU-TCHUINKEP (GSM, Cameroon) said, “I was able to meet many new faces and enjoyed playing around with kids. The EID was a good experience for me and it was also an opportunity for the kids to realize the importance of English as an international language and motivate them to study it more”.

The KUMON English Immersion Day is an annual one day experience event program for elementary students across Japan based on the 7 day “KUMON English Immersion Camp” program in which the students can attempt to live out their daily life in English. This year’s EID also served as the final stage of recruitment for the student “Camp Leaders”.

APU has been cooperating with this event since 2001 and every year dispatches students from a range of nationalities. Chosen through a strict selection process, the camp leaders will take part in the August KUMON English Immersion Camp in Shiga Prefecture after a series of training sessions.


Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA):VEGAFRIA Elaine Cruz (APM2, Philippines)

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