Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University



APU Olympics

Jul 3, 2004

'The 3rd APU Spring Olympics', which was postponed by rain, was held on Saturday, July 3.

At the Opening Ceremony, leaders of each teams, 'Aka' and 'Shiro' took an oath of Athletes. Warm-up exercises were taken to ease bodies, led by the club members of the Wadaiko “RAKU", before the games started.In addition to the traditional events in Japanese sports games, such as putting balls, 100m race, Stick Scramble and mock cavalry, the programs of APU Olympics also include folk games based on sports/games programs from Australia, Thailand and Cambodia. Representatives of clubs also participated and they put all their efforts into the games in order to promote their clubs inspired by the 'Circle No.1' spirit. It appears that all the students that participated enjoyed their games and had good exercises.

The result shows that it is the third year in a row for 'Shiro' team to win in the APU Spring Olympics.

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