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Makino Textbook Scholarship Presentation Ceremony


Oct 26, 2011

On Thursday, September, 2011, the Makino Textbook Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was held at APU. The twenty scholarship recipients were each presented with their book voucher.

This scholarship was made possible through the generous donations of APU Visiting Professor at the College of International Management, MAKINO Hirofumi, in order to reduce the financial burden for students purchasing textbooks.

The twenty recipients were joined by Professor MAKINO, Professor KIM (Dean of Student Affairs), and Professor YOKOYAMA (Dean of the College of International Management).

Following a few words of gratitude from Professor KIM, Professor MAKINO then addressed the recipients and presented them with their book vouchers, “You have been given a great opportunity to study in such an environment. I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity, lead a meaningful university life, and strive to achieve your dreams. I hope that this scholarship helps you to succeed”.

Scholarship recipient, SAI Korn Lian (APM3, Myanmar) spoke on behalf of the students, “Thank you for offering me this scholarship. I am currently studying international management and someday hope to lead a career in international trade. This scholarship has helped me move closer to achieving my dream”.

Following the ceremony, a Q&A session was held. The students and professors took the opportunity to share university stories, talk about management and discuss their goals for the future.

The Makino Textbook Scholarship Recipients for AY2011

YANG Sihui (APS4, China)
LIU Le (APS4, China)
YANG Xinyi (APM4, China)
DO Thi Diep (APM3, Vietnam)
SAI Korn Lian (APM3, Myanmar)
ZHANG Zhaonan (APM3, China)
BO Yawen (APM3, China)
ZHAO Ruixi (APM3, China)
LIM Li Bin (APM3, Korea)
OPINION Rina Noelle Sabban (APM3, Philippines)
DU Xiaoming (APM3, China)
NASANBAT Bilguuntamir (APM2, Mongolia)
MAI Thuy Phuong (APS2, Vietnam)
TINZAR Htun (APS2, Myanmar)
PHAM Phuong Linh (APM2, Vietnam)
ALBERT Soetandar (APM2, Indonesia)
LE Thi Phuong Thanh (APM2, Vietnam)
HUYNH Thai Minh Thuy (APM2, Vietnam)
OKTAVIUS Felix Edbert (APM2, Indonesia)

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): NAGATOMO Rie(APS2, Japan)

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