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Ceremony marks the Completion of the Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia


Nov 22, 2011

In fall, 2011, a ceremony was held to mark the end of the Global Business Leaders Development Program (GBLP) and the Kyushu-Asia Specialized International Student Development Program. APU has been working to promote this program under the auspices of the Japanese Government-backed “Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia”. The ceremony marked the efforts of the 10 members of the fifth GBLP program intake, and seven members of the third Kyushu-Asia Specialized International Student Development Program intake. Surrounded by friends, family, instructors and faculty members, the graduates marked a new step on their journey into the world.

APU President KORENAGA Shun offered a few opening words and expressed his hope that the students will all “enjoy careers on the global stage and make us proud as members of the APU Alumni”. GBLP Promotion Committee Chairman and APU Vice-President, HIRATA Junichi then offered a few words, “Japan is faced with a number of huge problems since the Tohoku earthquake struck, and the economic trends in Japan and the global markets continue to be volatile. I encourage you to keep a close eye on these changes and discover what you need to do to keep ahead of them”. President KORENAGA then handed the recipients their certificates.

Each recipient gave a short speech and described their dreams for the future, including GBLP student YAKUBOVA Iroda (APS, Uzbekistan) who said that “I have had high hopes during this program and have studied hard to learn Japanese and the skills I need out in the workplace. Thanks to this, I have been able to achieve my goal of securing a job with a Japanese business. I look forward to my future career and will take pride in my work as a GBLP graduate. GE Yuwei (APM, China) completed the Kyushu-Asia Specialized International Student Development Program and commented on her last two years on the program, “Placing myself in such a challenging program with fellow students who share the same goal was a great experience. We enjoyed many fun times together that I will never forget”.

The GBLP aims to develop future business leaders who can contribute to Japan's economic development while leading the way in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to standard APU curriculum subjects, 3rd and 4th students on the GBLP must complete an additional 16 credits including lectures and internships. Students on the "Kyushu-Asia Specialized International Student Development Program" can also choose from a range of specialized classes to improve their Japanese language proficiency during their two senior years.

Graduates of both programs continue to be held in high regard by the business community for their Japanese business skills and knowhow. We wish them all the best for their future careers. 

With the graduation of the 3rd intake students, the Kyushu-Asia Specialized International Student Development Program now comes to a conclusion.

*The Global Business Leaders Development Project (GBLP)
Beginning in AY2007, the APU-proposed GBLP was adopted into the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) "Career Development Program for Foreign Students from Asia". Designed to improve the international competitiveness of Japanese businesses, this program accepts exceptional students with a strong desire to seek employment in Japanese businesses from throughout Asia and equips them with specialist knowledge and Japanese language skills. The program seeks to nurture globally-minded graduates with the ability to bridge Japanese business with the rest of the world.

* The Kyushu-Asia Specialized International Student Development Program:
Managed and promoted by the Aso Juku Academy, this program provides international students in the Kyushu Area with a menu of business Japanese language programs and internship opportunities, and aims to develop graduates with the skills to play an active role in the local and Japanese business sectors. APU has played an active role in this program as a host university since October, 2007. This program came to an end with the graduation of the 3rd intake students.

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