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Special Lecture by renowned Neuroscientist MOGI Kenichiro - How APU students can make the World a more interesting place


Dec 9, 2011

On Monday, November 28, 2011, the renowned neuroscientist, Dr. MOGI Kenichiro, delivered a special lecture at the APU Millennium Hall. Dr. MOGI Kenichiro is a Senior Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories and a Collaborative Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School (neuroscience and cognitive science). This event was made possible through the efforts of APU students and the cooperation of Dr. MOGI.

Under the theme of “How APU students can make the World a more interesting place”, Dr. MOGI suggested that, in order to catch the wave of contemporary society as front-runners and pioneers, students need to understand systems technology, rid ourselves of any preconceptions, and break out of our shells. He also praised APU for making a clear departure from other Japanese universities, and expressed his high expectations for APU graduates.

Dr. MOGI offered APU students a few words of encouragement, “In our internet and information-driven contemporary society, it doesn’t matter where you live, whether in the city or the countryside - it is no barrier. We also live in an age where position and title mean nothing; instead, people really need to have skills, knowledge and goals for the future. Don’t be satisfied with simply placing yourself in an international environment – aim high and make your way into society by getting the very best out of your abilities”.

The venue was packed with students keen to hear every single word of Dr. MOGI. The lecture came to an end with a rousing applause from the audience.

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA):ARAKI Yukari(APS3, Japan)

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