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APU Women's Athletics Team claims second place at Kyushu Student Track and Field Championship


Dec 14, 2011

On Saturday, December 3, 2011, the APU Women's Athletics Team claimed second place at the Kyushu Student Track and Field Championship held at the Shimabara City Athletics Field, Nagasaki Prefecture. The team posted a time of 1h 21.42min and NJERI Esther Wanjiku placed first in stage 1 of the race with a time of 14.33min.

Coach of the APU Women's Athletics Team, KITAYAMA Yoshinobu, commented on the result, “I felt that the runners didn’t show their true potential which resulted in the second place finish – our third in a row. But I look forward to our progress next year”.

Let's look forward to more great results from the APU Women's Athletics Team!

Results from the Kyushu Student Track and Field Championship:
2nd Place: The Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Women's Athletics Team
  Stage 1: NJERI Esther Wanjiku (APS3, Kenya) (Stage 1 winner)
  Stage 2: WANJOHI Jacinta Wambui (APS1, Kenya)
  Stage 3: TSUCHITORI Chiaki (APS4, Japan)
  Stage 4: KARIUKI Jacinta Wangui (APS2, Kenya)
  Stage 5: FUKUHARA Kayo (APS4, Japan)

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