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The upcoming African Week begins on January 10, 2012


Dec 19, 2011

Multicultural Weeks are being held again this year on the APU campus. Held over a month, this event will put the spotlight on some of the many countries & regions represented on the APU campus and introduce their different language and cultures. Staring on Tuesday, January 10, the third installment, “African Week”, will run until Friday, January 13.

This year’s African Week will feature a display of African traditional costumes, ornaments and handicrafts at the cafeteria, a soccer tournament, and much more. There will also be a range of African dishes available on the Cafeteria menu.
On the last day of the week, the African Week Grand Show will feature a powerful stage performance including traditional music and dance routines from different African countries.

We hope to see you there!

Participating countries for the Fall Semester 2011 Multicultural Weeks are as follows:
Dec 5 (Mon) – Dec 9 (Fri) First installment:  Sri Lankan Week (finished)
Dec 12 (Mon) – Dec 16 (Fri) Second installment:  Japanese Week (finished)   
Jan 10 (Tue) – Jan 13 (Fri) Third installment: African Week
Jan 16 (Mon) – Jan 20 (Fri), Fourth installment: Taiwan Culture Week

NB: Footage of the Grand Show (held on the final day of each week) will be streamed live on the internet via Ustream. Please be sure to tune in and enjoy the colourful performances by APU's multilingual and multicultural students. (More information will be available on the broadcast times for each week as the event approaches).

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