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The 2012 ENVOL International Round Table held at APU


Feb 24, 2012

On Saturday and Sunday, January 28-29, the 2012 Environmental Opinion Leaders for the Asia Pacific Program (ENVOL)* International Round Table was held at APU marking the end of government funding after three years as a MEXT “Good Practice” program.

The two-day symposium was divided into seven sessions focusing on topics including forest and water resource management, sustainable ecotourism, renewable energy systems and climate change. Over the course of this two-day symposium, students, researchers and specialists from Japan, Thailand and Australia presented their research findings and got feedback from the audience.

Two sessions were included as platforms for assessing the achievements, as well as for pointing to the weaknesses, of the Program, from which lessons for the future can be learnt. Faculty and students engaged in lively discussions about the future goals and objectives of the ENVOL at APU and in the world. Concerning the program’s continuity, APS Dean Prof. J.S. EADES noted that APU would continue to promote its environmental courses, building on the ENVOL experience.

At the conclusion of the event, Prof. Dr. SANGA-NGOIE (ENVOL Program Coordinator) expressed his deep appreciation on behalf of everyone involved in the ENVOL Program, to all the collaborators and participants who helped to make of this program a very successful one.

*Environmental Opinion Leaders for the Asia Pacific Program (ENVOL)
Started in AY2009 and coordinated by Professor SANGA-NGOIE Kazadi, this program aims at developing in students of the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies majoring in International Cooperation Policy, deep knowledge on how the environmental ecosystem works, and high level skills in scientific observation and analysis of the state of (or the changes in) the global biosphere; skills in modeling and simulating the flow of materials and energy in the biosphere for sustainable conservation, development and management; and skills in writing and presenting environmental research results on international academic platforms.

This event was held with the following three aims (provided by Prof. SANGA-NGOIE)

1. To give to our ENVOL Students, especially the graduating students, a high level opportunity to present their research accomplishment in front of an international audience consisting of colleagues graduate students and a selected team of well-known scholars and executives in the field of sustainable environmental studies and applications.

2. To provide an outstanding chance to our ENVOL Students to learn from the expertise of these scholars and executives selected from both domestic and overseas institutions for their acknowledged contribution to research and education for sustainable development.

3. To sum up and assess the achievements of the ENVOL Program during the last three years, and to discuss about the perspectives for the future, both in terms of the potential integration of the ENVOL Program in the overall APU graduate school Program, and the strengthening of its domestic and international networks related to Research and Education for Sustainable Development.

For this purpose, the present event, while bringing together brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs both from within Japan and from overseas, gives to our ENVOL Students a high level setting for academic exchange and networking, helping them to brush up their knowledge by learning from more senior researchers and specialists, and create a network of their own - a network they will so strongly depend on in their future career.

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA):VEGAFRIA Elaine Cruz (APM3, Philippines)

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