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Rwandan Ambassador to Japan, Dr. Charles MURIGANDE, visits APU


Jul 5, 2012

On Monday, June 25, 2012, the Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to Japan, Dr. Charles MURIGANDE, visited APU. During his stay, the Ambassador met with APU President KORENAGA Shun, Vice-President HOMMA Masao and Pro Vice-President Edgar PORTER. The Ambassador also met with a group of APU students to learn more about what study and life at APU is all about.

During the discussions, Ambassador MURIGANDE expressed his wish to explore opportunities for Rwandan students to study in Japanese universities: “Since the end of the civil war in 1994, we have seen a rapid expansion in our tertiary education sector which has increased our demand for highly qualified lecturers with master’s and PhD. qualifications. I hope that APU can play a role in the development of our students, universities and institutes in Rwanda”.

In response, Pro Vice-President PORTER introduced some of the features of APU including the scholarship opportunities and the English language-basis curriculum. The group then discussed the recent history of Rwanda following the civil war and 1994 genocide that claimed the lives of approximately 1 million Rwandans and devastated the country’s economy. Since then, the Ambassador remarked, “Our nation has been able to come together as one people and share a common goal for our country’s future. We can look forward to many years of peace and stability”.

Following the discussion, Ambassador MURIGANDE then met with a group of APU students who raised a number of questions about Rwanda including regional integration, economic growth and governance.

Ambassador MURIGANDE is an Ambassador Member of the APU Advisory Committee and, following a career in research and academia, has held a number of high-level portfolios in the Rwandan government including Foreign Affairs, Government Affairs, and Education.

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