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Ninety-six high school students from around Japan take part in APU Summer Camp


Aug 31, 2012

On Tuesday, August 7 until Thursday, August 9, ninety-six 3rd year high school students from around Japan took part in the three-day two-night 2012 APU Summer Camp. This camp was held for students approaching the university entrance examination season.

Held every year since the University first opened, this camp provided high school students, many of whom were strangers up until the first day of the program, the opportunity to engage in group work and consider the future and current issues facing international society. Under the guidance of APU faculty members and with the support of APU student teaching assistants, this program also offered students the opportunity to experience student life at university, and attracted many applicants from around Japan.

In addition to attending lectures, participants were divided into groups and worked alongside teaching assistants (TA) to develop a research theme and hypothesis, carry out research, analyze the data, and ultimately present their findings.

A competition was held on the final day of the program to decide the best presentation with four teams making the final round. Despite only having three days to work on their projects, each team’s presentation was of such a high standard that it proved difficult to choose a winner. After a comprehensive evaluation of the presentation skills of each group, and of the presentation itself, an overall winner's prize, runner-up prize and individual prize were awarded before the program came to a successful conclusion.

Many participants stayed behind after the ceremony with fellow participants and TA to offer each other words of support and encouragement in preparation for the upcoming university entrance examination season.
We look forward to meeting the participants again next year, perhaps as APU students.

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