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Fall Semester Award and Scholarship Conferral Ceremony


Dec 4, 2012

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, the Fall Semester Award and Scholarship Conferral Ceremony was held at the APU Convention Hall. Students who produced outstanding results in their academic and extracurricular activities were recognized, including four recipients of the ANDO Momofuku Award*, 26 recipients of the Academic Merit Scholarship, and 25 recipients of the Academic Merit Certificate.

APU President KORENAGA Shun began by commending the students’ efforts over the last semester before presenting one of the ANDO Momofuku Award recipients with their certificate. Dean of the College of Asia Pacific Studies, PISHVA Davar, and Associate Dean of the College of International Management, NATSUDA Kaoru, then congratulated and presented certificates to the recipients from their respective colleges.

ANDO Momofuku Award recipient, LIM Leong Shen (APS3, Malaysia) shared his aspirations for the future: “My dream is to make a film about friendship across cultures, to inspire all citizens of Malaysia to dispel prejudice against each other. In order to realize my dream, I will continue my research into Malaysian culture and also study the Japanese spirit of peace and harmony”.

PARK In Young (APS4, Korea) and NGUYEN Thanh Tu (APM4, Vietnam) spoke on behalf of the Academic Merit Scholarship winners from each undergraduate college. PARK In Young said: “My goal is to enroll for graduate school and study towards building a world in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of our society”. NGUYEN Thanh Tu then commented: “Without a doubt, today will remain as a beautiful and unforgettable memory of my stay in Japan”.

In order to ensure an equality of educational opportunities and to support our students’ educational development, APU offers a generous range of scholarships that students can apply for both before and after enrollment.

APU scholarship opportunities

*The ANDO Momofuku Award was founded through the generosity of the late Honorary Dr. ANDO Momofuku, founder of the Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., to encourage and support students who have an outstanding academic record, are of good character, and have played a leading role in various activities.

2012 Spring Scholarship Winners

ANDO Momofuku Award recipients

  LIM Leong Shen (APS3, Malaysia)
  LEE Sungu (APM3, Korea)
  TULADHAR Alisha (APM2, Nepal)
  WILLIAM Kusjanto (APM2, Indonesia)

Academic Merit Scholarship recipients

  PARK In Young (APS4, Korea)
  SHI Hui (APS4, China)
  CHEN Lu (APS4, China)
  MALAI Andrei (APS3, Moldova)
  HATANAKA Hana (APS3, Japan)
  HOANG Nguyen Bich N. (APS3, Vietnam)
  ETO Mamiko (APS3, Japan)
  MIYAZAKI Takahiro (APS2, Japan)
  KOBAYASHI Saya (APS2, Japan)
  YAMADA Tomoka (APS2, Japan)
  ANNISA Istighfari (APS2, Indonesia)
  CHEN Jing (APS2, China)
  NGUYEN Thanh Tu (APM4, Vietnam)
  LU Siyu (APM4, China)
  NGUYEN Thi Thanh Man (APM4, Vietnam)
  ZHUANG Fangjie (APM4, China)
  WANG Jiaqi (APM3, China)
  NGUYEN Mai Nhat Anh (APM3, Vietnam)
  DI Jiale (APM3, China)
  LEE Sungu (APM3, Korea)
  WEN Yeyang (APM2, China)
  YANG Yiwei (APM2, China)
  HARTANTO Felix (APM2, Indonesia)
  LI Zhuo (APM2, China)
  JIANG Jiayi (APM2, China)

Academic Merit Certificate recipients

  SHAO Xingyun (APS4, China)
  NGUYEN Thanh Hang (APS4, Vietnam)
  ZHAO Yujie (APS4, China)
  KONISHI Eriko (APS3, Japan)
  YOSHIDA Junya (APS3, Japan)
  DUONG Anh Tu (APS3, Vietnam)
  TINZAR Htun (APS3, Myanmar)
  ZHOU Zhe (APS3, China)
  SUEFUSA Naoki (APS2, Japan)
  KRICKEL Nina Cathrin (APS2, Germany)
  YAMASAKI Shori (APS2, Japan)
  PHAM Phuong Mai (APS2, Vietnam)
  LI Chun (APS2, China)
  FAN Shuyi (APS2, China)
  XIE Yiqing (APM4, China)
  CUI Hanwen (APM4, China)
  TINARI Abebe (APM4, Canada)
  DE Leon Marikris L. (APM3, Philippines)
  HA Se Ra (APM3, Korea)
  TANAKA Kenji (APM3, Japan)
  DAO Yen Vi (APM3, Vietman)
  KONDO Saya (APM2, Japan)
  GATYA Gumilang (APM2, Indonesia)
  ZHANG Xuchen (APM2, China)
  HAN Kyungbo (APM2, Korea)

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